Katy Perry Is A Complete Moron

What do Katy Perry and Marie Antoinette have in common? They were both filthy rich, out of touch, and they both have the most ridiculous and unrelatable solutions to real life problems.

At least Antoinette’s cake solution would actually make people feel like they had a solution to their hunger problem, while Perry’s solution to the Manchester bombing is nothing more than an idiotic empty platitude.

When Perry was asked about the bombing, her answer was just that we should “love each other.” Yeah, that should work.

She passed right over the tragedy and went straight to the damage control for the perpetrator and his sympathizers. She’s right about one thing, there will be division, there will be finger pointing, and hopefully (if we’re lucky) handcuffs and deportation. One can only assume that this vapid pop star was only asked about the event because it happened at a pop concert. As she herself said, the audience for her concert and Ariana Grande probably overlaps quite a bit, so the fans to which she is talking would be her own.

Maybe, if her theory is correct, she should love everybody and forgo the security around herself at her next concert. That’s crazy, you might say, because so many people want a piece of her. You’re right, it is crazy to ignore a threat and put yourself in harm’s way, but what Perry and others are asking is that we pretend that the threat to them is real, but the one to us is not. Because it’s not good for the political agenda if we feel like we might get shot up with shrapnel the next time we’re in a crowded arena. Talk about depressing the economy.

Perry likes to sing about standing up for yourself, literally roaring instead of keeping your mouth shut when someone is pushing you around. Well if exploding a bomb isn’t a country being pushed around, I don’t know what is. So, to Manchester, I’d say maybe it’s time to take Katy Perry’s earlier advice and let the whole world hear you roar. Roar against what killed your brothers and sisters and children, and don’t let anyone tell you that making sure you can keep your family safe is politically incorrect.

(Source: Paul Joseph Watson