Just In: Mel Gibson Files Lawsuit

Even Mel Gibson thinks his new movie sucks. The 61-year-old actor is so convinced that “The Professor And The Madmen” will flop that he’s suing the studio that’s releasing it. Writer-director Farhad Safinia has filed a similar complaint.

Gibson claims that filming was cut short and crucial scenes were never created. The resulting movie is a mashup of narratives that Gibson and Safinia hate.

“Defendants took the existing footage and pieced it together themselves without my vision or input. I never authorized Defendants to make their version of the film,” the director states in his filing.

Voltage Pictures, an Oscar-winning film company, has been showing its version of the movie at festivals and shopping it around to interested buyers. Gibson’s pissed because he wants the movie to be his big comeback. His career probably won’t recover from a major flop.

“The Agreements require that things such as material changes to the screenplay, change of director from Mr. Safinia to someone else, the final production budget and schedule, and selection of filming locations be agreed to by Icon and Mr. Gibson,” Gibson’s complaint reads.

Voltage admits that Gibson and Safinia didn’t get to film every scene that they wanted to, but insists that it’s within their right to distribute the film. As far as Voltage executives are concerned, the movie is done.

“Although Plaintiffs have alleged that Defendants material breaches’ have caused Plaintiffs to have been damaged, the important question is what Plaintiffs have lost by alleged failure to shoot in Oxford, England, or the alleged failure to receive a final budget for approval,” the company fired back.

“The answer is nothing.”

It might be time for Gibson to retire.

(Source: Daily Mail)