Just In: Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban

Hawaii’s belligerence catapulted to a new level Tuesday. The state’s first two attempts to destroy the president’s travel ban failed, so they’re gunning for a third.

Just 24 hours before the revised travel ban was set to go into effect, Judge Derrick Watson blocked the order.

Judge Watson claims that revised ban “suffers from precisely the same maladies as its predecessor: it lacks sufficient findings that the entry of more than 150 million nationals from six specified countries would be ‘detrimental to the interests of the United States.'”

In other, it’s “racist.” Democrats are becoming a one-trick party. Don’t like something? Start throwing around accusations of discrimination. The hand-wringers will throw a fit and reasonable people will be scared of being called a racist.

“This is the third time Hawaii has gone to court to stop President Trump from issuing a travel ban that discriminates against people based on their nation of origin or religion,” Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin said in a statement. “Today is another victory for the rule of law. We stand ready to defend it.”

Ironically, he’s right. Hawaii’s ability to block the president’s executive order is a sign of the health of our political system. We don’t have a dictator; dissenters have power. Hawaii’s particular complaint is baseless but the fact that the state could issue it without fear of reprisal shows the strength of the U.S. government.

“The entry restrictions in the proclamation apply to countries based on their inability or unwillingness to share critical information necessary to safely vet applications, as well as a threat assessment related to terrorism, instability, and other grave national security concerns,” White House Press Sanders said in a statement Tuesday.

Clearly, version three of the travel ban is headed straight towards to the Supreme Court.

(Source: CNN)