Just In: FBI Comes Forward With Chilling Announcement On Vegas Shooter

In the wake of the worst mass shooting in American history, folks are wondering what motivated the killer. At least 58 people are dead and other 500 wounded after 64-year old Stephen Paddock unleashed a torrent of gunfire from his 32nd story hotel room across from a concert festival.

In the aftermath of the attack, ISIS quickly claimed responsibility, joyfully trampling on the bodies Paddock had accumulated. However, while radical Islamists may be overjoyed at seeing such carnage, that doesn’t mean Paddock was inspired by Islam.

As reported at the New York Post, according to the FBI, despite ISIS’ claims he is a convert, Paddock has no known ties to terror groups. The announcement came after ISIS posted on various sites that Paddock was one of their soldiers who converted to Islam several months ago.

While having no known connection to international terror groups doesn’t mean he wasn’t a Muslim convert, it does decrease the likelihood. Especially since ISIS has made similar false claims before about random perpetrators of violence. It may be the case where it’s more of a celebration and support of such crimes than them being a directly connected and inspired.

Regardless of Paddock’s motivations, the Left is already beating its gun control war drums. Immediately after every mass shooting, leftists emerge to blame Second Amendment supporters for the crime, conflating “loose” regulations with a supposed increase in crime.

The reality is that while gun ownership has exploded over the last few decades, gun crime has precipitously dropped. But don’t expect facts or logic to stand in the way of emotional leftists and an opportunity to disarm the people and erode our rights.

For some reason, they’re desperate for the government to have a monopoly on weapons. They think civilians shouldn’t have them, but are perfectly fine with a government everybody hates and distrusts, and which is made up of fallible civilians, having sole ownership.

Liberals’ fetishization of government control and use of tragedy to acquire it is beyond disgusting. Time and again they trample on the dead, manufacturing fear and false narratives to manipulate the public’s emotions into supporting their draconian agenda.

In the end, the debate over the issue of gun control is simple. If a government is big, strong, and bold enough to deprive us of the means to defend ourselves, what can’t it take from us?

Source: New York Post