Judge Jeanine Pirro UNLOADS On Obama, Tells Americans To “Stay Locked And Loaded!”

Barack Obama recently called a press conference to talk about the mass shooting on Orlando, Florida. However, instead of uniting the country under a common thread, Obama tore a divide, equating legal gun owners that are exercising their right to self preservation with religious nutjobs that want to see America burn from the inside out.

Yes, instead of saying that we have an enemy named radical Islam, Obama went as far as to appease the Islamic world by actively ignoring that phrase in any speeches, saying there’s “no point in saying the phrase.” Obviously, he’s dead wrong, because you can’t solve a problem you can’t define, and youc an’t solve a problem that you continually deflect onto other topics, such as the liberal’s favorite talking point, gun control.

Judge Jeanine Pirro took out coward in chief to task for his statements against the ability for people to arm themselves, after railing against terrorists who try and use the Constitution against us for their evil agenda. I can’t stop cheering her on, and we need more straight shooters like her in the world. She doesn’t care who she offends, especially not anyone in the White House.

“If there is a terror investigation on any level, you lose your right to fly, your right to buy a gun and your right to privacy,” Judge Jeanine suggested. “Any rights you had take a back seat to our national security. If you’re on a no-fly list, a terror watch list, if you’re under a terror investigation, you have no Second Amendment right, you cannot buy a gun and you cannot fly on a plane. Period.”

She lamented that it’s unlikely those laws will be changed, so she urged Americans to take control of their own safety: “Get a gun, because this government ain’t in a position to help.”

Watch and enjoy.

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