Judge Jeanine Pirro Proves That Black Lives Matter Is Based On LIES! Obama Wants This GONE!

We’ve been saying it for months, but this time, Judge Jeanine may have hit the nail on the head better than anyone who has ever talked about Black Lives Matter.

It’s no secret that BLM is a racist, race baiting, anti-cop, domestic terror group. Thinking otherwise just shows the severe lack of thinking that happens from the Liberal side of the coin. Guess what? All lives matter, but I digress.

As Pirro went on The O’Reilly Factor to speak about the hateful group, she dropped a truth bomb that every American should hear. Watch below in this video as she absolutely skewers the DNC for portraying the cop killing BLM supporters as heroes and victims.

This couldn’t be more true and she’s absolutely right. These cases have been through the justice system with evidence brought forward and the both Travyon Martin and Michael Brown’s pro-BLM narratives were completely proven, by law, to be false.

I equate the entire misguided movement to a bunch of whiny millennials wanting everything handed to them on a silver platter. They stand around doing nothing for their community except incite violent, hate, and division. When someone fights out against them, they work to take away their voice. This isn’t protest, it’s fascism.

If you think BLM should be stopped at all costs, then share this post with everyone you know and have your voice heard!

(Source: YouTube)