Judge Jeanine Pirro Dropped A BOMB On Hillary’s Campaign, She’s Losing Voters By The Second!

There comes a time for people to come to terms with the facts and accept reality on its own terms. For Hillary Clinton voters, that time is now, as they’ve run out of excuses to vote for her.

Not only has it come out that she has usurped the top spot in the primaries, but she rigged the election that was comprised of the voters she’s actively trying to court. She deleted thousands of emails, many of which may have divulged top secret and classified information, and lied to the American public about doing it. She has made sexual assault cases against her husband “go away,” and she funnels millions of dollars from radical Muslim countries.

Simply put, she’s not only the worst candidate for President, she’s a horrible human being.

That’s why we heed the calls of people like Judge Jeanine Pirro, who rail on Hillary and all of her character flaws and scandals. This time, however, I think she takes the cake.

In her latest segment of Justice, Judge Pirro lays down the law and outlines the difference between Trump and Clinton, and makes the case that even if you’re not pro-Trump, you’d have to have been dropped on your head as a baby to even consider Hillary. Watch and share this with everyone you know:

Amen, Judge Pirro. Amen.