Judge Jeanine Corrects Hillary Clinton’s Lies By Knocking Her Out On Live TV. She’s BACK!

Many public and political figures have taken the time to weigh in on Hillary Clinton’s claim that she lost the election due to outside influences. She said this in a Women in The World Summit interview where she talked about her candidacy, race and ultimate failure to become President of the United States.

The liberals present predictable ate it up with a spoon, but many a conservative has taken offense to her claiming that anything but her own illegitimacy, corruption and lack of credentials or positive track record caused her loss.

I think what the good judge is so eloquently saying is that Hillary lost not only because of what she did, but because we found out what she did, and I guess Mrs. Clinton hadn’t planned on that. She’s probably right if we’d never known before the election she might have won, but we did, and she didn’t. Her pointing fingers at all these outside influences is just proof that she’s not sorry for what she did, she’s just sorry that she got caught, and that it cost her the election.

She lost because America took off its rose-colored “we want to look like we’re pro women” glasses and finally did what feminists are always wanting them to do; we judged her just like we would judge anyone. And we found that she was was a crooked, lying cheat that shouldn’t be allowed to run for dog catcher.

Hillary Clinton got away with as much as she did because the DNC was too far in to turn back. They would have looked like the incompetent idiots many already suspected them to be if they abandoned ship part way through the election when they realized that it was going down, but now that she’s officially disgraced it’s probably time for them to trim the fat, and that well may include the Clintons. If I were Hillary I’d tread very carefully for fear that my own party might disown me just to avoid all of my bad press.

(Source: Youtube)