Joy Behar Shows Once Again That She Has No Idea How Government Works

The United States system of government was very wisely crafted with a few fail safes against tyranny and injustice built in. Those include (but are not limited to); the three branches of government, judges being appointed instead of elected and the electoral college.

The electoral college has been getting a lot of press lately (both good and bad) since the 2016 election when President Trump won the electoral college, but not the popular vote. I’m going to breeze right past the issue of illegals and dead people voting, and just assume that the above assertion is correct, for the sake of this article.

Here’s what the great political mind that is Joy Behar had to say about our President.

Via Daily Caller

Joy Behar contended that President Trump “didn’t really win” the election on Tuesday’s episode of “The View.”

The remarks came after Jedediah Bila, the show’s token “conservative,” reminded her fellow co-hosts that Trump won, and not because his supporters wanted strong policies combating global warming.

“I just wanna say one thing on climate change, because… people in this country didn’t elect Donald Trump to be a champion to fight climate change. That was not a policy issue that they believed in.”

Whoopi Goldberg countered that if a president and his supporters don’t agree with the majority of climate scientists on global warming, they should simply “leave it alone.”

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First, the fact is that the electoral college is the law of the land, and it’s served us well for years. Nobody was complaining about votes counting until it directly affected them and their own personal vendettas. Also, the electoral college is set up so that no one can focus all their time and energy on the big cities and population dense areas. If that were the case, the needs of the “flyover states” and places where it would take a lot of time and energy to reach, would be overlooked. That, according to some, is exactly what Hillary did. She depended on her alt-left, female and big government oriented fan base to carry her, and guess what, they didn’t.

So, not only is Behar extremely wrong, she’s looking pretty stupid in the process.

(Source: Daily Caller