Jorge Ramos Needs To Be On SUICIDE WATCH After Trump’s Mexico Speech. He’s LOSING IT!

Whenever a loudmouth liberal talking head gets his just desserts, it’s pretty sweet. When it’s someone as high profile as Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, who openly advocates for illegal immigrants and has made himself one of the most prominent Donald Trump haters, it is absolutely epic when he gets news that make him break out in hives.

Donald Trump met with Mexico’s President, Peña Nieto, to discuss how America and Mexico could move forward, despite their cultural and economic differences and issues. People are calling this Trump at his most Presidential, with everything being put on the table to make the future brighter for everyone. Here’s the exchange:

However, Jorge Ramos, professional illegal immigrant advocate, couldn’t leave well enough alone and threw a tantrum on Twitter afterwards, citing facts that are simply untrue to make some sort of point. He is positively LIVID.

I can’t expect Ramos to act rationally when Trump is involved. Remember what happened last time? Let me jog your memory – Ramos tried to barrage Trump with questions and threw a hissy fit and got thrown out of a press conference. When he was allowed back, Trump schooled him HARD.

Someone needs to put Ramos on suicide watch, it’s clear he’s on thin ice.

(Source: YouTube, Twitter(H/T Red State Watcher)