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We have breaking news into the Yes I’m Right mail boxes and it’s big. REALLY big.

The White House has a now-famous website where you can petition for pretty much anything you want. Some people put down quite funny things like having school lunches be all steak and potatoes across the country. Those aren’t important. Then you have ones that are a big more serious. This one I’m about to describe, may take the cake as the most important petition to ever come to the White House.

According to the website, thousands of people have signed a petition demanding the conviction of Barack Obama of international crimes against humanity and also a trial in the International Criminal Court in Hague.

Here is the text in full.


We demand conviction of a war criminal Barack Obama and trial in the International Criminal Court in Hague. He is guilty of crimes not only against the USA citizens, but against the whole world.

One of the most dreadful prisons in history – Guantanamo – continues to function. Libya was destroyed as a result of Obama’s aggression. In Syria, Obama’s agents train, fund and organize terrorist groups, deceitfully naming them “moderate opposition”, who, among other things, bear a relation to Al-Qaeda, implicated in crimes against the American people. Secret services collect the Americans’ personal data information on a 24 hour basis under the canopy battling terrorism, using electronic surveillance tools on political undesirables, effectively stomping on the Americans’ right for privacy.

This is a major turn of events for Obama. If this petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the White House will have to actually address the issue.

If you want Obama gone for good, click this link and sign the petition!

(Source: White House Petitions)