John Legend Tries To Insult Trump, Accidentally Knocks Out Obama Instead. WOOPS!

It’s pretty normal for anyone and everyone to criticize a president that they don’t agree with. As Americans, the freedom to disagree with leadership is part of what keeps those leaders on their toes.

Somewhere along the way though, people, especially famous people, started to feel that they could take cheap shots at the President because he was somehow on their level. He may well have been on their level before he was elected, but now that he’s been chosen by the people, all bets are off and we respect him because we respect the office.

Singer John Legend is just another example of the limousine liberals piling on and trying to sway public opinion against the President.

President Trump tweeted this after Republicans failed to complete their mission on Obamacare:

Most would probably read this and assume that he was assuring the American people that he would indeed still keep his campaign promise to deal with a healthcare that they didn’t want.

However, if you come at it from the standpoint that Americans just love Obamacare, and only horrible people hating monsters want it replaced, you might have a different opinion.

As far as we can tell, Obama doesn’t need any help, he can embarrass himself. That said, Legend seems to be assuming that the President is going rogue and not enacting the will of the people. If that were the case, we would have been hearing from the people when this legislation was moving forward.

And that’s completely skipping over the fact that Legend is just spouting the liberal rhetoric made up of “alternative facts”.

At least one person saw the contradiction in Legend’s shaky liberal argument:

Basically, there’s nothing the President can do that will make people happy. They’re the scorpion, he’s the frog, and they’re going to keep stinging him in hopes that he’ll die, even if it means they die along with him.

(H/T: Twitchy