John Kerry CAUGHT RED HANDED Sending Top Secret Emails To Hillary! The Truth Is OUT!

Well, well, well. Looks like this is exactly what the FBI was looking for.

This is huge people. HUGE! Not channeling Trump, actually.

This is a massive, break the case wide open, type of find. According to reports, it seems that John Kerry was using an unsecure email address to send classified information to Hillary Clinton on her personal email server that has caused her nothing but grief.

And you know what? I couldn’t be happier this came out.


As a senator, Secretary of State John Kerry sent at least one email to Hillary Clinton from his personal account that has now been classified as secret, the State Department confirmed on Tuesday.

The largely redacted May 19, 2011, email from Kerry — then the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee — “was sent from a non-official account,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said on Tuesday.

That account, Kirby added “is no longer active.”

The message referenced India, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and was classified for containing information about foreign governments and U.S. foreign relations.

Looks like John Kerry needs to be indicted too.

More than 1,300 of Clinton’s emails have been classified at some level. However, the State Department has maintained that the emails were not classified at the time that they were sent, but instead were given the extra protections retroactively.

Kerry currently uses a State Department-issued email address, Kirby said.

On Tuesday, the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee expanded his probe into the how Obama administration officials used personal email accounts, demanding answers from Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. Cater used a personal email account for months after he took the reins at the Pentagon last year.

So are all democrats this shady? Seems like a big yes to me. Okay FBI, you’re turn. Indict them all.

(Source: The Hill)