John Kasich Drops Out Of Race, Gets Run Over By The TRUMP TRAIN!

After a crushing defeat in Indiana, Presidential nominee hopeful John Kasich has dropped out fo the race, following Ted Cruz’s departure from the political landscape yesterday. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming, but it’s still a surprise that it would happen so soon after Kasich’s claim to be in it until the end, as a last saving grace for establishment Republicans.

As it turns out, Cruz and Kasich were about as tough as a house of cards, being blown over by the bombastic and energetic Trump at every turn.

With Kasich out, the RNC has no choice but to name Donald Trump their pick for the presidency, as he is literally running unopposed.

According to the Washington Post,

Ohio Gov. John Kasich — who ran as a sunny, moderate “Prince of Light and Hope,” but won only his home-state primary — will bow out of the Republican presidential race on Wednesday after a defeat in Indiana, his senior campaign advisers said.

The departure — which Kasich will announce at 5 p.m. in Columbus, Ohio — fully clears the field for front-runner Donald Trump as the GOP nominee. Another rival, Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.), ended his bid Tuesday night.

Kasich, 63, entered the race with an impressive résumé: 18 years in the House, where he built a reputation as a budget cutter; a stint as a Fox News Channel host; and four years as the popular governor of a presidential swing state.

His policy positions leaned toward the middle: For one thing, he had defied his own party and expanded Medicaid, the federal health-care program for the poor, in Ohio. “People have accused me of, at times, having too big a heart,” Kasich said in one GOP debate. That centrist appeal made him seem like a formidable general-election candidate.

But he never got there.

With Kasich gone, this also means that Trump could sometime in the near future receive an endorsement from the Republican, just as he did with Chris Christie and Ben Carson. Plenty of room on the Trump Train! OH YEAH!

(Sources: Washington Post, YouTube)