Joe Biden Just Threw Hillary Clinton Under The Bus. HA HA HA!

As much as I hate to admit it, all presidential news is newsworthy until we have a winner in 2016. Even democratic news deserves headlines. Especially when it’s this juicy.

Mr. is-he-or-isn’t-he running for president, current vice president Joe Biden, just gave Bernie Sanders a BIG leg up on Hillary Clinton. This is all very interesting because Biden’s biggest competitor, should he run, would be Clinton currently. Could this all be posturing for a run?

Who knows, but here’s the video to prove it.

(Source: YouTube)

Notice as he gives literally no praise to Clinton, her policies, or her campaign. Which is both great and troubling. Great because Hillary Clinton is a vile and evil liberal, but troubling because if Biden runs, any conservative will have a big time fight on their hands come election time as he is a strong candidate for the dems.

Only time will tell.