Joe Biden Insulted All Christians To Make Muslims Happy. His Career Needs To END!

This is downright insanity!

Current Vice President Joe Biden has gone off his rocker. We know liberals are trying to protect muslims, but this just takes it too far. When is enough, enough!?

It’s no secret that there is a mass exodus from Syria due to the conflicts there with ISIS. As a result, many different religions are in turmoil and are rushing to leave the area as fast as they can. Yet no one seems to be protecting any of the Christian refugees. Here’s more proof of it.

Forget about Christians being persecuted, it seems Vice President Joe Biden really just cares about the Muslims in the Middle East.

While accepting an award from the Orthodox Church this week, Biden had the gall to demand Europe take care of Muslims, while ignoring the Christians who have been persecuted.

mark knoller tweet1

mark knoller tweet

Outrageous! This is insanity. We should be protecting Christians, not radical muslims. Unacceptable!

(Source: Right Wing News)