JK Rowling Just Got Destroyed By Her Own Liberal Fans

There’s been a definite push in the Western world to believe that Islam is a misunderstood religion and one that we should accept it with open arms. Conservatives or even just people with good memories and functioning brains are repulsed by the idea of welcoming in the group that has killed so many of our countrymen.

Short memories and liberal brainwashing seem to have erased much of the pain and suffering dolled out at the hands of this extremist religion though. Alt-left best-selling author J.K Rowling has fallen prey to this line of thinking. She’s actually gone so far that she seems to be advocating for even the radicalized Muslims. I know, hard to believe that anyone could be that far gone, much less someone who’s obviously so accustomed to thinking in ways outside the norm.

Here’s what she had to say about the recent terrorist act against Muslims in London:

I’m going to have to take major exception to her saying that this driver was radicalized. To be radicalized you have to be taught to take unnatural action against people for a political or social issue. Was he in the wrong? Yes, absolutely, but his reaction was pretty natural.

I would assume that she’s attempting to say that he was radicalized by those who say that the religion of Islam was to blame for the other recent attacks in England. I think she might have a leg to stand on if they were yelling things like “this is for Allah” and similarly Islamic themed jihadist cries.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one that had an issue with Rowling’s insensitivity and absurdity.

Right you are, Miller. We’re only supposed to talk about what they give us permission to talk about.

What are the chances?

I think what’s wrong with them is that they’ve never been the bloody people, they have bodyguards and security around them.

That wouldn’t really support the narrative, now would it?

I think that probably hits very close to home. This was an attack carried out by a pretty regular white guy, by the current reckoning. He was in all probability affected greatly by the attacks carried out in his home country, and he decided to do something about it. Not the right thing, but something just the same. There’s no one to champion his cause because he’s not got a dark skin color, or a less than average sexual orientation. He’s just a regular white guy, so nobody is allowed to speak for him, the way they do for the Muslims who carry out these attacks.

I don’t think that anyone should stand up for anyone who kills people just because they’re having a bad day. But if we’re not going to stand up for the native Englishmen and their crimes of passion, you’re certainly not allowed to go to bat for the imported problems with their planned and orchestrated attempts to force us into bowing to their will. That’s not what allowed these countries to be the ones that people want to immigrate to, not the ones that are being left in droves.

(H/T: Twitchy