Jimmy Kimmel Cries For Gun Control, But This 1 Simple Stat Completely Destroys His Argument

The victims of Stephen Paddock’s Las Vegas massacre haven’t even been buried, yet the Left is using their deaths to push for new gun control measures. As Rahm Emanuel said, never let a crisis go to waste.

So far, their milking this tragedy for all its worth, hoping that their dreams of disarming the populace will finally become a reality. Left-wing politicians and celebrities alike have been shedding crocodile tears, doing their best to manipulate the public into supporting their crusade. One of the most embarrassing displays thus far came Monday night during one late night host’s show.

As reported at Breitbart, during the opening monologue on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, host Jimmy Kimmel began crying, as he appealed to his audience and viewers to support stricter gun control policies while lambasting Republicans. While Kimmel expressed his concern over the Las Vegas victims and tried to use them to make his case, he, like his leftist comrades, conveniently ignored other those killed in Chicago on a monthly basis.

Kimmel was very upset over the “59 innocent” whose lives were taken, but didn’t express a shred of concern for the monthly rampages in Chicago, which have resulted in a nearly 59 deaths a month average in 2017, as the total death toll this year sits at 527.

For some reason, leftists love to ignore the violence in Chicago and never say a word about it. They love tragedy and death, so why aren’t they using what’s happening in Chicago to push their agenda?

That’s because the city has some of the strictest gun control measures in the country and because these insane numbers are a result of black on black crime. They claim to care about the lives blacks, yet have done nothing to mitigate the downward spiral of violence that’s claiming hundreds of young black men’s lives.

It’s because they care more about their deceitful gun control narrative than black lives. To talk about Chicago is to not only reveal how little they care about blacks, but to show that banning guns doesn’t work. The city is the perfect example as to why banning guns does nothing to solve the problem of crime, as it’s skyrocketed since the ban went into place.

If leftists want to talk about “mass shootings” then they need to mention the ones that occur every weekend in Chicago. Try following the news there for a month and you’ll see damning evidence of the Left’s national cover-up of what’s happening there. And remember, it’s all to protect their gun-grabbing agenda and the pursuit of power.

Source: Breitbart