Jeff Foxworthy Hilariously DESTROYS Every Trump-Hating, Hillary Clinton Voter In Five Seconds

It’s a well-known fact that Jeff Foxworthy is one of the funniest and most successful comedians of all time. What you might not have known is that every once in a while, he sneaks in a few political jabs into his routine, and this one, although quick, is one hell of a doozy.

It takes place on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, where Foxworthy, joined by Bill Engvall, Larry The Cable Guy, and Ron White, go across the country with their unique brand of American comedy.

In one segment, the four guys sit an play a game of “I Believe”, where they mention their hilarious observations in life, in which Foxworthy names Hillary Clinton and the crowd erupts into laughter and applause.

Here’s the entire clip (you should see the whole thing, it’s spectacular), and the magic happens at the 4:50 mark.

I don’t care who you are, that’s funny!

(Source: YouTube)