Jeb Bush Tried To Sucker-Punch Trump, But Trump KNOCKED Him OUT! OH YES!

Donald Trump is a polarizing figure, and every one of his political opponents were firing on all cylinders trying to take him down from his top spot at the last Republican debate.

Fortunately, although Jeb may have taken a cheap shot with his comment and the crowd on his side, The DonaldĀ called it out for what it was – a try-anything tactic to get votes from uninformed voters.

CBS News reports,


Donald Trump fired back at attacks from rival Jeb Bush on Monday, saying that he doesn’t have “the persona” to go further in the race and can’t even attack his opponents effectively.

“He thinks if he attacks me that’s going to show he’s tough but every time he attacks me he melts like butter,” Trump said Monday on “CBS This Morning. “The last thing we need, frankly, is another Bush.”

In the days leading up to the New Hampshire primary election, Trump has not spent as much time and energy on the other two leaders coming out of the Iowa caucus – Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. He did clash with Bush several times during Saturday night’s Republican debate and was all too happy to respond to Bush’s attacks on the campaign trail. During a town hall in New Hampshire Sunday, Bush recalled Trump’s remarks in July where he said Arizona Sen. John McCain was only a war hero because he was captured.

Trump then doubled back and delivered a knockout blow to Jeb Bush’s campaign:

“Well just shows you how they lie. Number one I never called John McCain a loser,” Trump said.

He did, in fact, use that term to refer to McCain during the July event, but it wasn’t in the context of his military record. Trump said that he liked McCain less after his 2008 loss to then-Sen. Barack Obama, because “I don’t like losers.”

On “CBS This Morning,” Trump concluded, “Jeb’s a loser” because he has spent $100 million on his campaign but is “going nowhere.”

I can’t wait until we have Trump in the White House. Are you as excited as we are?

(Source: CBS News)