James Woods Shows The World How Evil Liberals Can Be In 5 Seconds Flat

There is little as destructive or unattractive as an ungrateful person. Someone who’s been given privileges and liberties, but disdains the person or entity that gave it to them. Sadly, when a person is ungrateful they don’t have to be actually persecuted in any way to be irate and it’s very hard to break them of it. Heaven forbid you do something to actually tick them off.

We see that displayed very evidently in every single livid and entitled liberal who’s enraged resistance to President Trump has them combating the entire country.

Whether you support the current administration or not, surely it’s obvious that the rights we are afforded by this great nation are something to be treasured, not cast aside because you didn’t get your way. The idea of protesting the founding of the nation just because your fellow countrymen have made some political moves that you don’t appreciate is the most short sighted and uneducated load of liberal garbage to come from the left in quite some time (and that’s saying something, considering the year they’ve had).

There aren’t a whole lot of countries on the face of the earth where someone could openly say that without some sort of legal repercussions. Imagine, if you will, prisoners who were begging to be let free, and some great hero comes along and frees them. But, in their hurry to leave, one of them trips over the foot of their hero on their flight out the door.

If the former prisoner were to get in that hero’s face and curse him, his family and everything he ever touched, that might seem a bit out of line. It’s the same here; these people feel they’ve been done wrong, but by the very country that gave them the ability to think about things other than their next meal. The paradox is unreal, and yet largely overlooked.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the name of this incredibly ignorant proclaimer of unpleasantness has the word “honorable” in it. There’s nothing honorable about any of that.

(H/T: Red State Watcher)