James Woods Exposes Obama For The Liar That He Is

Many actors and actresses in Hollywood like to weigh in on politics, but they’re usually so sickeningly liberal that it’s painful to watch. Celebrities are people, people with good bone structure, but people none the less. Their political opinions should be taken and judged with the same guidelines as anyone else’s.

Usually, we have to come to you with sadness and tell you that your favorite stars are acting like fools on social media but today is the exception. Today, we get to tell you that Hollywood superstar James Woods stuck it to his liberal friends and neighbors in a glorious way.

Via Young Cons:

Today, [Woods] skewered former President Barack Obama with a brilliant tweet after Obama criticized President Donald Trump.

Obama was asked his opinion about Trump. Now in the same situation, George W. Bush always declined to impugn Obama, although he had plenty of cause, not the least of which was Obama always falsely blaming him for virtually every problem of the Obama administration.

But according to sources, Obama didn’t afford Trump the same traditional courtesy.

Leaving aside the claim that he hasn’t ‘publicly commented’ or expressed an opinion, Obama has of course sent his minions out to protest Trump and the GOP at every turn. You can’t get more of an opinion than an unprecedented effort to attack a sitting president by a former president through OFA.

But when James Woods saw Obama supposedly called Trump a ‘bullsh—er’ his response was terrific.


That line quoted by Woods earned Obama 2013 Lie of the Year, according to Twitchy.

Of course there are so many other lies. But that one, so personally made to the American people, as well as “You can keep your doctor” and “$2500 reduction in premiums,” was deeply felt.

We probably should have seen that doctor thing coming. After all, we did vote for change and we got it.  I guess when you elect a virtually unknown “community organizer” you end up with someone unfamiliar with how to conduct themselves in office not too worried about the consequences of lying.

(Source: Young Cons)