James Comey Will Crap His Pants When He Sees What The White House Just Did

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey probably thought he was safe from prosecution. He bungled a critical investigation and interfered with President Trump. His firing was surprising only because it happened so late into Trump’s term.

Lots of Americans think Comey should have been let go immediately.

The White House hasn’t forgotten about his crimes. Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders indicated this week that Comey might end up facing charges. Illegal activity should be punished; nobody should be shielded from repercussion. Comey used his political clout for special favors.

“Leaking on a sensitive case regardless of classification violates federal laws including the privacy act, standard FBI employment agreement and non-disclosure agreement, all personnel must sign. I think that’s pretty clean and clear that that would be a violation,” Huckabee Sanders explained during a press conference.

Liberals forgot about Comey’s transgressions the moment he was fired. They hated him when they thought he was casting aspersions at Hillary Clinton, but they suddenly became his champions when he was “wronged” by Trump.

“The Department of Justice has to look into any allegations of whether or not something is illegal or not. What I’ve said and what I’m talking about are facts,” Huckabee Sanders continued.

“James Comey leaking of information, questionable statements under oath, politicizing an investigation, those are real reasons for why he was fired and the president’s decision was 100 percent right…”

If Comey goes to jail, he’ll only be getting what he deserved. He’s not nearly as clever as he thinks he is. It’s unbelievable that he thought nobody would notice his antics.

(Source: New York Post)