James Comey Took A Swing At Trump But Didn’t Expect Trump’s EPIC Response

The week just keeps getting better and better for former FBI Director James Comey. On the heels of his rather unceremonious firing by President Trump, the disgraced former official spoke with the New York times where he insinuated some slightly unethical conversations had gone down between himself and the Commander in Chief.

True to form, President Trump responded this way:

Via Daily Caller:

Trump’s remark comes just hours after The New York Times published an account of a dinner he had with Comey a week after he was sworn in in January. According to the report, Trump asked Comey to pledge his loyalty to him, but Comey refused, saying “he would always be honest with him, but that he was not ‘reliable’ in the conventional political sense.”

“Mr. Comey again replied that he would give him ‘honesty’ and did not pledge his loyalty, according to the account of the conversation,” the Times reported.

The story noted that the White House disputed the account, saying it was not accurate.

“Mr. Trump, in an interview on Thursday with NBC, described a far different dinner conversation with Mr. Comey in which the director asked to have the meeting and the question of loyalty never came up,” the Times notes. “It was not clear whether he was talking about the same meal, but they are believed to have had only one dinner together.”

So is there really a “tape”? And also why is he calling it a “tape”? We don’t know the answer to the first one, but the second is probably because he was born in the 40’s. We’re lucky he didn’t put an “8 track” in front of it. But I digress. So what would a recording of a dinner between President Trump and Comey look like? I’m sure almost any American could fill an evening with things that we’d like to ask James Comey, and the President got the chance to ask those things. In all probability, the dinner was a way of sorting out

In all likelihood, the dinner was a way of sorting out the real person from the rumors. The FBI has made everyone hate them over the last few months, and Comey’s throwing his political weight around hasn’t helped at all. The FBI is supposed to work in an investigative capacity only, and the hope is that President Trump went into that meeting with the goal of parsing out whether James Comey could help the Bureau do that.

We obviously don’t know exactly what they said, but when you vote for a person to become president, you’ve got to have a little faith in them. Of course, it’s possible that anyone could suddenly turn dirty, but there’s been no evidence up to this point that the President has any leanings in that direction. There is, however, ample proof that James Comey’s moral compass doesn’t point due north. Let’s consider the sources when jumping to conclusions.

(Source: Daily Caller)