James Comey Thought His Firing Was A Prank When He Saw It On TV. No, We’re Not Kidding.

Nobody likes to get a pink slip. It’s traumatizing and hurtful and many times unexpected. Just think how would you feel if you found out you were getting fired at the same time as 300million other people because that’s what happened to former FBI director James Comey on Tuesday.

Comey was reportedly making a speech in Los Angeles to FBI agents there when he realized that the news was reporting his termination.

That’s gotta hurt. While it shouldn’t have been a surprise to him, considering that he’s garnered surprisingly bi-partisan hatred, he still seemed taken aback by the news. I’m not sure what he thought was going to happen, considering his track record of noodle-spined liberal pandering and political interference, but the rest of the nation saw it coming a mile away.

Whether or not he deserved to be fired is a question that people have been asking over and over, but it’s of no actual consequence one way or another. The ability to fire the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is within his rights, like it or not.

Comey said as much in this letter to those under him after he was terminated:

c_gxftnumaathleHe may have thought it was a joke at the time, but he’s not laughing now. The fat lady has sung, and Comey is back on the market. Maybe he’ll jazz up his resume and go to work as head of security for the DNC, they seem to be a big fan of his all the sudden.

I’d say best of luck to him, but I’m afraid that might mean more corruption, so I’ll just say “Vaya con Dios.” Maybe that would keep him on the straight and narrow.

(Source: Youtube)