James Comey Said One Last Thing That Made Hillary Voters Lose Their Minds

If you’re like me, prior to a few months ago the name James Comey was probably one you were completely unfamiliar with. It turns out that if you’re the director of a major law enforcement organization, you live your life trying to make sure that you don’t call attention to yourself.

Comey, however, was not successful in that pursuit, thanks to some of his dealings that the American people and Congress felt like he needed to answer for. He was, however, successful in shifting a little bit of blame during this hearing:

Via Young Cons:

“What I struggled with in the spring of last year was, ‘How do we credibly complete an investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails if we conclude there’s no case there?’

The normal way to do it would be to have the Department of Justice announce it,” the FBI chief explained.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton on a tarmac last June changed everything, and made it to where he felt it was necessary to be upfront and candid with the public.

“And then the capper was — and I’m not picking on the Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who I like very much — but her meeting with President Clinton on that airplane was the capper for me,” he exclaimed.

If even the guy being investigated knows that the justice department couldn’t be trusted to be unbiased, you know there’s got to be some problems. No one has ever accused Comey of being a friend to President Trump but he knew that he was between a rock and a hard place. Speak out and be lambasted as throwing the election or keep quiet and be (rightfully) prosecuted for hiding evidence.

Had he gone to Lynch at the time his life might have been a little easier,  but he knew, based on the meeting between the original Clinton and Lynch that there was too much collusion there for them to be unbiased. While it doesn’t, by any means, wipe the slate clean, at least he had the foresight to go to the American people with his findings.

I’m far from being Comey’s biggest fan, but he’s at least moving in the right direction by putting the blame where blame is due.

(Source: Young Cons)