James Comey Calls Out The New York Times As Fake News On Live TV

Working for an organization that is privy to information that affects the American citizens and the the American citizens want to know about, but that is classified for our own good has got to be something like walking a tightrope. Having to watch not only your words but very important information go through the media like a middle school game of “telephone” has got to make your life even more miserable. However, seeing someone intentionally make up facts and serve them as truth would probably be the most infuriating of all.

Former FBI director James Comey addresses just how difficult it is to watch originations like the New York Times publish complete trash, and be unable to do anything about it.

I’m pretty sure that’s just about as close as someone as diplomatic as James Comey is going to come to just outright calling a formerly well-respected news outlet trash and fake news.

There may be some questions about what went on under the tenure of the former FBI director, but one thing is for sure; there’s nobody more in the know than this guy, and if he says you’re full of crap, you’re probably full of crap.