Ivanka Just Called Out Every Trump Hater And RIPPED ‘Em To SHREDS! She Is FIRED UP!

Ivanka Trump is not only one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters, she also seems to be his biggest asset in the fight against the horrifying witch known as Hillary Clinton.

At every turn, Ivanka has given us amazing insight into the inner workings of Trump’s mind and campaign. This time, however, she’s taking a swing back after all the punches both she and her father have taken over the last year.

And you know what? She’s 100% right.


Ivanka Trump said Monday her father is “level-headed” and defended his campaign tactics, while at the same time taking a shot at his critics.

“He’s incredibly level-headed. I think that he fights and he’s strong. He’s has to fight. He has a lot of people coming at him,” Ivanka Trump told the Detroit Free Press. “He also has tremendous support and love and enthusiasm for his positions.”

Regarding her father’s critics, Trump said, “they’re scared. They never thought that he’d be where he is.


Recorded shortly after Ivanka’s remarks, she gave this interview, where her calm and level-headed approach reminds American why Trump will be the next President:

Here is the full interview, uncut and unedited:

Scared? Damn right they are! The polls might be skewed currently, but Trump is poised to become president, as evidenced by the primaries, which he ended up demolishing at the end.

We all know Donald’s got what it takes, and so does Ivanka. Hillary is on the ropes, and we can’t give up now.

(Source: Newsmax)