It’s Official, The View Has Given Up On Hillary Clinton

In what was supposed to be an effort to make sense of her loss in 2016, Hillary took the time to speak to the legendary Christiane Amanpour about her loss. Amanpour served up some pretty soft questions that could be molded into whatever someone wanted to say, and Hillary, of course, obliged.

Thankfully, she has proved that there is such a thing as taking your self-pity and liberalism too far since even the view was unimpressed with her deeply slanted interview.

Whether you agreed with her or not, it’s time for her to own up to her mistakes. Yes, many were sad that she lost, and yes she might have won the popular vote, but as was pointed out, the electoral college was put in place for a reason. The idea behind it was to make the entire country flourish, not just the cities.

If we elected strictly on the popular vote, which is something that liberals suddenly seem very in favor of, there’s the risk that only the issues that concern those in very population dense areas will be addressed. If we ignore what the “fly over states” need, we will soon be in a very bad place economically.

One excellent example is Bernie Sanders saying that high speed internet should be a right. Well, that sounds just fantastic, but if you live in the country, you know that it’s completely unrealistic. There are rural areas where it’s either freakishly expensive or just not possible at all to get high-speed internet. And that’s, of course, every individual’s choice as to whether they live in that kind of area or not, but if insane policies like that were to be enacted, there would be government mandated crews digging lines or installing satellites in these beautiful picturesque areas with or without your permission. And that’s not even addressing the obscene cost that it would incur.

The internet issue is just one prime example of the lunacy that middle America wouldn’t go for, but those within walking distance of 5 coffee shops with free wi-fi might not understand at all.

THAT is why we have an electoral college, and why Trump is in the White House. Understanding of our forefathers, and understanding of the middle class of what socialism would do to us.

(H/T: Young Cons)