It’s Official: Hillary Clinton Just Lost All Of Her Support

Hey, Hillary Clinton, shut the f— up and go away already.

These words from a former Hillary supporter and New York Daily News contributor Gresh Kuntzman. This tirade was in response to Hillary’s never ending finger pointing about her election loss to now President Donald Trump.

I voted for Clinton on Nov. 8 and thought she’d be a good president.

But she lost. And she still wants us to feel bad about that. And, worse, she’s still blaming everyone else.

In her talk before a friendly audience, Clinton said she’s writing a memoir — and said it’s “painful” to revisit how Donald Trump beat her like a ragdoll in an election that was a lock.

Painful? We’re the ones in pain, Hillary. You’re making millions to process it. We’re the ones living it.

Sorry, Simon & Schuster may want Hillary Clinton to write the history, but I’m not about to let her re-write it. No one deserves more blame for the election debacle than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I don’t know if it’s bitterness that a Democrat isn’t in the White House, or if she’s just finally getting on everybody’s nerves as badly as she always has conservatives, but I can’t disagree with the guy. Hillary lost because Hillary was outed as being a crooked, selfish, demented old lady. There’s nothing that even the largest donations, best campaign staff or most loyal of supporters could do about that, and boy did they try.

Here’s a little piece of Clinton beating a deader than dead horse about why she lost to President Trump:

Kuntzman has one final thought about the Clinton campaign that is worth hearing.

But when she called half the country the “basket of deplorables,” it was pretty much over. As Mitt Romney learned four years earlier when he said 47% of the country was “freeloaders,” you’re not the smartest guy in the room if you make a gaffe as dumb as that.

Now she needs to shut up and go home.

From his mouth to God’s ear.

(Source: New York Daily News)