It’s OFFICIAL! Hillary Clinton Is Under CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION! Is This The END For Her?

Well, I think this proves it, folks. If this doesn’t, I’m not sure anything else will.

The Clinton email scandal will be a particularly poignant piece of information as the election rolls on. Especially since, well, you know, it’s a criminal investigation. Wait, you didn’t know?

Well neither did we, but Ex-U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova sure seems to think so.

diGenova spoke to WND on the phone early this morning and dropped an absolute BOMBSHELL on us.

The decision to grant immunity to Bryan Pagliano, the Clinton aide who placed the private email server in her home, makes clear the FBI is conducting a criminal investigation and has convened a grand jury, said former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova in a telephone interview Thursday morning with WND.

“For Pagliano to get immunity in this case, his lawyers had to have come into the Justice Department to make a proffer, an offer of evidence in which his lawyers explained to the Justice Department what Pagliano was likely to tell them under oath,” diGenova explained.

“For Pagliano to be granted immunity means the FBI investigation is a criminal investigation,” diGenova declared.

WOW! But what does this mean going forward?

“Federal prosecutors do not immunize witnesses in a security review,” he said.
“This is a criminal case, and with Pagliano the federal prosecutors have somebody at the bottom of the case that the prosecutors need to interview in the process of building their case against Hillary Clinton and her top aides,” he said.
Looks like Hillary might be in court sooner than we thought!
(Source: WND)