It’s Official: Chicago Is More Dangerous Than…OMG!

Our nation has laws put in place by the federal government that apply to all of us, but it also has state laws and city ordinances that make living in different areas of the country a very different experience.

The concept of sanctuary cities is one that has put the nation into a tailspin since the cities who’ve decided to make themselves safe havens for the illegals are doing so in defiance of federal law. Also, it’s just a really bad idea.

As it turns out, the city of Chicago, one of the most vocal sanctuary cities in the nation has a crime rate that rivals some war torn countries, and we know exactly why that is.

It’s a very well known fact that behavior depends upon its consequences. If you made a habit of holding the door for me and every time I went through it I slapped you, you’d probably stop holding the door for me. If you held the door for me and I handed you a $5 every time, you’d be racing me to every door I went though.

That concept can be applied to both the criminals and the elected officials in Chicago. They’ve decided to make it easy to be a criminal and difficult to be law enforcement, and they wonder why they have a crime rate that’s skyrocketing. The logical reaction to that would be to slap the powers that be out of office. Then, maybe the people of Chicago can get a mayor and head of law enforcement that will crack down on criminals instead of making excuses for them.

We can split hairs about politics, why people are doing what they’re doing and whether there should be retribution. But while we’re doing all that, people are dying here in a city in the United States at the same rate they are in a famously dangerous middle eastern country. That’s not OK, and we’ve got to do something about it.

(Source: Fox News)