It Turns Out Obama FAKED Support For The Iran Deal. This Needs To End!

Well what do you know! The liberal media is hiding bad polling numbers for Obama’s Iran deal? You don’t say.

Not surprised by this, but that’s why we report the hard facts here at Yes I’m Right.

In a new poll from CNN asking people about the Iran deal, numbers are showing that the majority of people polled do not trust the deal, as well as Iran itself.


CNN pollster Jennifer Agiesta (formerly of The Washington Post) reported the results – another poll showing deep skepticism about Iran, and the prospect that Iran will cheat on any nuclear deal. Obama has a bad disapproval rating on Iran. You’d never know this from all the “major victory for Obama” talk on this deal.
Most of these results have been ignored on CNN’s air. The one significant poll result mention came on Sunday morning’s Inside Politics. John King reported 47 percent said Congress should approve the Iran deal (while 49 percent said no.)
This was, of course, only glossed over during the CNN broadcast and no facts were given on why the American people thought this way. Not only that, but it begs the question: why would you even go through with the deal if so many people distrust both the deal and Iran? Here’s the catch.

CNN’s polling question on the Iran deal heavily implied to respondents that the U.S. had negotiated a deal with five other countries that Congress needed to approve:

As you may know, the U.S. Congress must approve the agreement the United States and five other countries reached with Iran that is aimed at preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons before it can take effect. Do you think Congress should approve or reject the deal with Iran?

One might wonder why you would approve of this six-country effort and then agree that it’s very possible Iran will cheat? And then agree that military action is required?

Great question. No idea. This deal seems like a bigger waste of time than trying to apply for Obama care. Am I right? Am I out of my mind? Let’s hear it in the comments!

(Source: News Busters)