Israel’s Prime Minister Threw Obama Under The Bus And Sided With TRUMP To Defeat ISIS!

As we continue to hear about ISIS, terrorism, domestic terror, and gun control in the wake of yet another mass shooting, this time at the hand of a Muslim who pledged his allegiance to ISIS during his rampage, we are getting a better picture of the political landscape. Especially for this upcoming election.

Donald Trump has routinely been at the forefront of solutions to these problems that would not only keep America armed, but also keep America safe. Obama, Hillary, and the rest of the Liberals are trying to disarm America and make us weak.

Trump will no doubt be a great leader, but there re also leaders around the world that are already taking Trump’s advice and are on the same page with him about terrorism. Benjamin Netanyahu is one of these leaders, and he’s finally adopting an approach that isn’t the “wait-and-see” crap that Obama is pushing while apologizing to the Muslim world, but Donald Trump’s “fight fire with more fire.”

Listen below as he talks about recent terror attacks across the globe and how we can eliminate the threat of Islamic terrorism for good.

Notice that he says we can defeat ISIS while denouncing that its ideology – Islam is absolutely toxic. And when he says is, he says it with conviction that a real leader should have. When Obama calls ISIS a “contained threat” and the “JV team”, it’s a slap in the face to any citizen that wants to feel safe at night.

Here’s another where Netanyahu has a response for ISIS and terrorists in the wake of the horrific Orlando mass shooting.

He says, with great conviction, that we will fight back and eliminate the threat for good. This is something that Trump says and believes in nearly all of his speeches. We will fight the enemy and we will win. And we believe him. This is how a real leader operates. They say the things they mean and they get the job done, something Obama never has.

As Obama’s tenure as the weakest, most feckless president in history, let’s remember that we shouldn’t let this happen again. He hasn’t done a damn thing. The way to change that is to get out and vote this November. Let’s get Trump in there to make sure our country stays safe. Hell, he’s even got a best friend in our greatest Middle Eastern ally on this front and he’s not even in office yet! “Trump and Netanyahu wipe out ISIS!” Now that’s a headline I look forward to reading soon.

(Sources: YouTube and Facebook)