Islamic Terrorists Murdered An American Overseas And Obama Is SILENT!

File this under: making my blood boil to immeasurable degrees!

Liberals seriously could not anger me more. Until I saw this. Neither Obama, nor Hillary Clinton, nor any other liberal worth mentioning here has acknowledged that an American teen has been murdered by terrorists in a terrorist attack in Israel. Obama and his cronies would rather allow clock boy to get a White House visit, than talk about this 18 year old American killed while studying abroad. This is absolutely shameful!

This is Ezra Schwartz. He was an incredibly brave American helping troops in Israel. But you’d never know this if you follow liberal journals and the liberal media, because they haven’t said a word about him. And now the Jewish community is fighting back and lashing out at the democratic leaders.

The silence by these leaders, including Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, has drawn outrage from some in the pro-Israel community who accuse these Democrats of drawing a moral equivalency between the Jewish stateĀ and Palestinian terrorists, who have committed a series of deadly attacks in recent weeks that have killed several Israelis.

As some Democrats remain mum about the death of 18-year-old Ezra Schwartz, a Massachusetts native, Republicans have issued a series of statements condemning the attacks and the recent spike in Palestinian terrorism.

The silence, critics say, is evidence that the far-left of the Democratic Party is beholden to anti-Israel interests.

‘The left wing of the Democratic Party today sides with the Palestinians and is uncomfortable with expressions of support for Israel or statements that expose the reality of Palestinian terrorism,’ said Noah Pollak, executive director of the Emergency Committee for Israel, an advocacy organization. ‘Elizabeth Warren apparently would rather be silent than risk the ire of the left wing of her party.’

The attack that killed Schwartz also injured 5 other Americans.

Once again, this shows that Obama doesn’t care about Americans yet all Republicans do. It is an absolutely tragedy that this American was killed and we send our thoughts and prayers to his family.

(Source: Washington Free Beacon)