Islam Is A Religion Of Piece. A Piece Of You Here, A Piece Of You There…

Americans have been inundated with probably well-meaning self-appointed tolerance experts who’ve been telling us to stick a sock in our better judgment and accept that Islam can be a religion of anything the believers want it to be. Sadly, that’s not how religion has worked, ever. It’s kind of an all or nothing situation.

Australia has also been battling many of the same issues and dealing with it in their own way. One of those ways includes gathering panels of experts to field questions about religion and politics and how those effect the culture in their country. As the pretty Muslim lady tries to dispel the “rumors” about Islam and all their killing sprees, it’s obvious that her co-panelists aren’t buying it.

It’s highly doubtful that any group has been let to get away with extreme genocide and anyone dares to stand up for them. The overt acceptance of both violence and those who espouse it has been abused. It flies in the face of our very survival instincts to accept a group of people and protect their practices when some of those practices include killing us.

She might hope that the prejudice ends with Muslims, but if it does, I suspect that it’ll only because the Muslims finish us off. The fact is that if the killings would stop, we would forget this terrible little snafu in our history and put it in the category of the Crusades or other less than productive religious missions. But that can’t happen as long as Muslims refuse to deny that these actions are wrong. They say that the principles are being incorrectly implemented, when the battle call for jihad is so clearly laid out.

Sugar coat to your heart’s content, but if you’re following Muhammad and plan to end up in Muslim heaven with all that entails, you’re gonna have to make heads roll. Literally.