ISIS Terrorists Thought They Could Get Away With MURDER. But Then, INSTANT JUSTICE!

The ISIS loving muslims that committed the heinous murders of many innocents in Paris thought they could escape and live freely knowing they got away with it. Well guess again! You can run, but you can’t hide scumbags!

And the kicker? They were disguised as refugees! Well doesn’t that just stick another foot on the Liberal mouth holes. When you say something stupid…am I right?

Two people have been arrested at a refugee center in the Austrian city of Salzburg on suspicion of being connected to last month’s Paris attacks, the Salzburg prosecutors’ office said on Wednesday.

The two are men who are thought to have provided help to members of the group that carried out the attacks on Nov. 13 in which 130 people were killed, two Austrian newspapers reported.

Yes! Justice for the innocent against the muslim terrorists!

The men came into contact with the Paris attackers in Austria, local newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten reported, adding that they were found based on information provided by a foreign intelligence service.

National tabloid Kronen Zeitung said they were French, of Algerian and Pakistani origin, and entered Europe through Greece on fake Syrian passports with members of the group that carried out the Paris attacks.


Immigrants using fake passports? It’s almost like we’ve heard that before. Oh yea. We have. And they tried to enter the U.S. Refugees and immigrants are not welcome here. It’s not racism if it’s true. It’s just called facts.

(Source: Reuters)