ISIS Suffers Devastating Blow, Loses Last City Under Its Control… Now They’re Running Scared!

The Caliphate is crumbling. Constant bombardment by the world’s top militaries has taken its toll. Syrian troops recently stormed through Deir Ezzor and captured the city, robbing ISIS of one of its last bits of territory.

ISIS’ presence in the Middle East will soon be negligible. Their reign of terror in Syria and Iraq is drawing to an end. Their militants are terrified, those lucky enough to have Western passports are streaming home as fast as they can.

Like a cockroach still stumbling around after its head is cut off, ISIS ideology will survive the defeat. Instead of powerful, fighting battalions in the Middle East, the group’s influence will be felt in lone wolf attacks.

“Look for more coordination between Isil and al-Qaeda outside and inside Syria and Iraq, despite their ongoing friction in other areas such as Yemen,” said Maha Hosain Aziz, a professor at New York University.

“Isil will also continue to expand its recruitment pool worldwide to prepare for its long-term goal of forming a global Islamic caliphate.”

As the war drags to a close, British and American forces are starting to withdraw.

“I think we will still need an element of manned fast jet strike as well,” Air Cdre Johnny Stringer told reporters on Friday.

“But I am hoping that we may see the ability to draw down elements of that final bit because frankly the tempo of our operations is going to reduce as Daesh are beaten in Iraq and in Syria.”

(Source: Telegraph)