ISIS Put Up A Recruiting Web Page For Islamic Jihadists. Anonymous Said No And TOOK IT DOWN!

ISIS has been dealt a serious blow today by Anonymous and it is seriously awesome and funny at the same time!

Anonymous has taken down a big recruiting and propaganda website that ISIS used to spread it’s messages of hate and it couldn’t come at a more opportune time. ISIS has a huge online following and ever since the Paris terror attacks they have been ramping up recruiting efforts to capitalize on them. Anonymous previously declared war on ISIS because of the Paris attacks and they haven’t stopped. This is just one of a few big wins in the war against ISIS. Anonymous took down the web page and replaced it with a hilarious message!

Here’s a screen shot of the replaced web page on the “Dark Web”:

ISIS website joke

Here is the text if the picture is too small:

‘Too Much ISIS. Enhance your calm. Too many people are into this ISIS-stuff. Please gaze upon this lovely ad so we can upgrade our infrastructure to give you ISIS content you all so desperately crave.’

The dark web is a side of the internet only the sleaziest of humans dwell on, as evidenced by ISIS putting their website there. But Anonymous found them!

Isdarat is the latest of hundreds of websites to be taken down by Anonymous and its affiliates, though it is the first time that a site on the dark web has been hit.

Go Anonymous go! We support and salute your efforts in taking down all ISIS scum.

(Source: International Business Times)