ISIS Is Recruiting 24 Hours A Day In All 50 States. This Needs To Stop NOW!

Horrifying news this morning showing that we need to ramp up efforts against ISIS.

Earlier reports of it being wiped off the map were exaggerated and now we have evidence that ISIS is infiltrating the U.S. more and more each day. FBI Director James Comey came to the podium to let everyone know that ISIS has been recruiting in the U.S. 24 hours a day, in all 50 states!

This is hugely disturbing news.


On Wednesday, FBI Director James Comey discussed the problem with reporters while at an FBI field office near Cincinnati. He said, ‘So we have investigations in all 50 states to try to identify, among hundreds of people who are consuming this poison, where are they on the stages from consuming to acting, and how do we stop them from acting.’

Comey described the problem as a dichotomy. He said ISIS sends out its call to come to the war zone and fight, ‘or if you can’t come, kill where you are.’ Comey said that it ‘is a two-pronged siren song that goes out through social media.’

What can we do as Americans to combat this issue? It’s the same old mantra of terrorism anywhere in the world: If you see something, say something. This isn’t meant to be an alarmist call to arms, but you should be aware of your surroundings at all times. If you see someone on a website that might be considered of a questionable foreign nature, tell someone immediately. Good news is, the FBI is not messing around when it comes to apprehending these people.

‘This is not a game,’ he said. ‘If we catch you doing this, you’re going to get a very long stretch in jail.’

Yea! Have you spotted anything in your community? Let’s hear it in the comments!

(Source: Western Journalism)