ISIS Is Finished! Two New Allies Are Set To KICK THEIR ***!

We have a new ally confirmed and another potentially joining in the fight against ISIS and I couldn’t be happier!

Germany has just pledged it’s support to France and will join in on the ISIS bombardments in Syria. Germany said that it wouldn’t fire bombs directly, but would aid France in ways that will keep the shelling going for a long time to come.


Germany will join the military campaign against ISIS militants in Syria by deploying Tornado reconnaissance jets, refueling aircraft and a frigate to the region, after a direct appeal from close partner France for Berlin to do more.

The decision to commit military personnel and hardware is a shift for Germany, which has resisted such direct involvement in the conflict. It still has no plans to join France, the United States and Russia in conducting air strikes in Syria.

And with Germany’s involvement, now the UK is also mulling it over and will hold a debate on whether or not to enter the fray Wednesday.


Awesome! At this rate, every nation with a massive military will be in the ISIS fight and we’ll take them out in 2016! A new president and no more ISIS? I think 2016 might just be a really great year.

(Sources: NBC and Twitter)