ISIS Has A New Enemy And It’s Someone That Can TAKE THEM OUT! Their Recruiting Is OVER!

You’d never guess this in a million years, but two of the most unlikely partners may be teaming up to help fight ISIS.

Terrorist hot bed Iraq has had enough of ISIS trying to take over their land. So much so that they’re trying to enlist the help of a new ally in the fight against the terrorist organization. You won’t see it coming either.


A crucial part of Islamic State operations in Syria and Iraq depends on access to the Internet, but Iraq is now pressuring satellite firms to cut off ISIS’ connection to the outside world.

ISIS heavily relies on social media services like Twitter and encrypted communications like Telegram to send its message out to supporters, Reuters reports. Aside from communication with friendlies, ISIS also continues to use video sites to upload copious amounts of propaganda designed to galvanize its own side and intimidate the West.

While satellite companies apparently do not engage in monitoring on their end, ISIS has shut down private Internet access in many of the cities it controls, placing civilian access in Internet cafes where the group can closely examine browsing history. This helps ensure that civilians—and even militants—only view ISIS propaganda and have limited access to outside information.

If this is successful, it would essentially shut down all ISIS recruiting as we know it. Let’s hope this happens soon! We support the shutting down of all ISIS related activities on the internet.

(Soruce: The Daily Caller)