Iran’s Military Leaks Shocking Video Showing Their EVIL Plan To BOMB Major Cities!

Obama’s Iran Deal has been a complete failure, with Iran basically taking advantage of America from day one.

As Trump has said in the past, there is no reason for them to act accordingly, and no reason for them not to screw the United States repeatedly – which is exactly what they’ve been doing.

The Iranian military just released a video depicting the total annihilation of US allies in the Middle East by long-range missiles – not only on military bases and in warzones, but PUBLIC areas with innocent civilians being killed. Iran is not to be dealt with as enemies, or as Obama would consider them, frenemies. We must cut off all ties with them, lest we suffer the consequences.

Here’s the government video:

No word from Obama in regards to this obvious intent of aggression, but I wouldn’t expect that much from him, since he’s too buys talking about how we need to kowtow to radical ideologies. I can’t wait until he’s out and we have a REAL commander in chief, in office!

(Source: YouTube)