Iran Just Spit In America’s Face And Obama Doesn’t Care. What A Coward!

It’s no surprise that Iran is not to be trusted. We’ve reported about it many times before. Obama is so naive when it comes to the country that wants us gone more than any other.

Obama’s nuke deal was supposed to stop Iran from getting nukes while also putting sanctions on any of their other capabilities. Well now there are reports of violations across the board and no liberal is even batting an eyelash to that fact.


Lawmakers are accusing Iran of violating the recent nuclear deal due to the Islamic Republic’s test firing of a ballistic missile, which is likely at odds with international agreements barring such activity.

Anger on Capitol Hill is mounting following Iran’s ballistic missile test, with many also expressing frustration at the Obama administration for failing to condemn Iran or threaten repercussions for what they view as a clear violation of the nuclear accord and United Nations resolutions.

Hey. Obama. See what’s happening? They don’t care about you, your deal, or anything you stand for. The country is run by terrorists that want the U.S. to be wiped off this planet.

Many are calling for the Obama administration to reimpose sanctions on Iran as punishment for the ballistic missile test. Recent statements by Iranian officials indicate that President Obama will still announce the removal of sanctions at some point next week.

The State Department has made it clear that, like Iran, it does not consider a ballistic missile test to be a violation of the nuclear deal.

So not only is Iran violating the deal, but Obama and his administration are okay with it? I think Obama is in their pockets and hates America just as much as they do.

(Source: Washington Free Beacon)