Iran Just Got A Brand New Nuclear Reactor, Courtesy Of Barack Obama! INSANE!

This has to be a joke. This is a joke right? It’s not? Ok well the what the hell!?

It’s now confirmed that the U.S., as well as other nations, will help Iran, yes THAT Iran, to rebuild a nuclear reactor that’s been dormant. This is the same reactor that is suspected to be used in the making of a nuclear bomb for ISIS. Yup. You read that correctly. The U.S. government is helping to give Iran the potential for a nuclear bomb. How is Obama still in office when stuff like this is continually happening?


The United States’ goal is to work with Iran to refit the reactor in such a way that it can no longer produce weapons grade material.

However, Iran maintains that the United States and other partner nations will soon provide “advanced equipment” for the reactor, which is located near the Iranian industrial city of Arak.

I’m fairly certain that Iran will work it’s way around that particular measure. Especially since they said that the U.S. based “Iran deal” is garbage and they won’t adhere to it, even after they signed the damn thing.

A spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, the Islamic Republic’s main nuclear regulator, said on Tuesday that the United States and several other nations would begin supplying Iran equipment so that it can modernize the nuclear reactor. The Obama administration announced that it would assist Iran is rebuilding the Arak reactor when the nuclear deal was implemented in late October. U.S. nuclear experts also will provide Iran with ‘technical advice’ on nuclear issues.

Awesome. Well the invasion is coming, we just don’t know when. Americans, stay alert, stay safe, and stay armed. The fight might be coming to our shores sooner than we think.

(Source: Washington Free Beacon)