I Watched The MTV Movie Awards And Now I Need To Throw Up

If you missed the recent MTV Awards, count yourself among the lucky. The outdated, propaganda peddling network outdid itself by pushing the limits of what the human brain can handle and doing it’s best to add confusion to young people the world over.

Their display of moral confusion was enough to make even the strongest stomach turn. Their blatant disregard for social norms seems to be throwing a politically correct middle finger at everything that the mentally stable and morally upright value. And somehow, even that seems intentional.

They say that the person who tries to stand out the most is most often the least original. I’d guess that’s probably the case with Miss Dillon. I get it, “normal” is a cycle on a washing machine, and pigeon holing people is not a nice thing to do, but it’s called “identity” for a reason. There have got to be categories, otherwise, our lives as a society get vastly more difficult.

If I had to guess, I’d say that people are probably moving away from these “gender norms” also know as traditional word definitions for 2 reasons. The first would be that many people are just so damaged they would try anything to fix it, and those people have my sympathy. I know that many things can affect a person to cause them to go to extreme coping measures, and as many openly homosexual people have expressed, in a lot of cases their path down the nontraditional started with abuse of some kind.

If that’s the case, and these people have diagnosable issues that should be addressed, we’re not doing them any favors by pretending that it’s something to be celebrated. Even if the choice is legally theirs as an adult, dysfunction begets dysfunction, and they’re likely to have a negative impact on others around them.

The second contender for the prize would just be good old fashioned rebellion. At the point that we put people into categories (aka “boys” and “girls”) we will probably expect them to act a certain way. Meaning we’ll make them do things they might not want to do, and let’s be honest, this isn’t a society that takes well to rules. If that’s the case, and we do give in to that, there will never be an end to it. The exception making and rule bending will go on and on until innocent people are caught in the crossfire, or worse yet, be used for whatever their next perverted fantasy is that must be fulfilled because you know, tolerance.

(Source: Youtube)