I Guess Liberals Forgot When Tim Kaine Told Liberals To “Fight Republicans In The Streets.” Let’s Remind Them.

This morning brought with it more politically motivated violence as a man opened fire on lawmakers who were at a park in Virginia playing baseball. These upper-level Congressmen were reportedly minding going through their normal routine, when a gunman shot 50-100 rounds, injuring at least 5 including congressmen and aides.

Anyone could really start shooting for any reason around D.C., it’s a pretty explosive place, but one eyewitness report has us all fearing for the future of our nation. This is the report that Republican Representative Ron DeSantis gave to Fox News about his encounter with who he assumes was the assailant just moments before shots were fired:

Via Fox News Insider:

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) described a “very strange” encounter with a man shortly before House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot during a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Va.

Scalise was shot in the hip and some of his security team members were also reportedly wounded.

DeSantis said by phone that he and another congressman were leaving when a man asked them whether Republican or Democrat members of Congress were on the field.

The Democrats serving their constituents want to tell you that their violent rhetoric is just hyperbole, but apparently, some are taking it to heart. Apparently, they’re whipping people up into such an emotional frenzy that they’re actually going out and targeting Republican lawmakers while they’re trying to have a nice time at the park, and shooting them, just for disagreeing.

Thankfully, security and law enforcement were quick to respond and the event was devastating than it could have been.

(FNI) DeSantis said the man wasn’t carrying anything at that time, but then a few minutes later, the shooting started.

The gunman, who opened fire with a rifle, is reportedly in custody.

The members of Congress were holding an early-morning practice for an upcoming congressional baseball game.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said a massacre could have unfolded if police and Scalise’s security team were not there.

He said that he “vaguely” saw the gunman from about 75 yards away before the shots started.

Paul said just minutes earlier, he was in the area where the shots were coming from but walked to the batting cage area to hit.

The fact that these types of events are getting more common should tell us something about how the mental state of our country is declining. The general population seems to think that it’s acceptable to express their emotions by doing harm to others, and then the media downplays it or points the finger back at the victims.

Tim Kaine, VP pick for Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign, is a stellar example of this virtue-signaling nonsense, as he’s seen advocating for fighting in the streets against Republicans:

Gee, I wonder how that’s working out for you.

There was a time when the two political parties disagreed but were all still working toward a goal of a better country. Obviously now it’s a fight to the death, winner takes all, use whatever means necessary. The objective of public servants should be to make sure that the entire public is served and to do whatever they can to make the country better for all.

The self-serving nature of many of our elected officials is beginning to resemble a nasty divorce, and We the People are just the kids, caught in the middle and recent events should alert us that not everyone is emotionally ready to deal with it, and some seem to be taking sides and acting out.

(Source: Fox News Insider