I Can’t Stop Watching This Conservative Comedian Call Bill Nye An “Asshole” To His Face. HA HA!

It’s one thing to have a leftist climate change alarmist on your show, but it’s a whole ‘nother can of beans to have someone call him out on his rhetoric. Let’s start at the top.

Bill Nye, the “science guy”, as he’s been known for years, isn’t actually a scientist in any conventional terms. Instead, he’s a celebrity masquerading as an authority on climate change and leftist policies. He has called for the jailing of people that disagree with man-made climate change, and he has called anyone that believes in religion an “idiot”.

As a typical far-left nut, he thinks he’s impervious to the words of his dissidents. That is, until conservative comic Nick DiPaolo ripped him a new one in ten seconds on the Anthony Cumia show, a live broadcast both on digital radio and online video.

DiPaolo mentions that he flunked out of the University of Maine, and Nye slyly remarks “we are all shocked”. Without a moment’s notice, DiPaolo replies “I don’t like your sarcasm, a**hole. This ain’t the f*cking Bill Maher show.”

Even though the clip is short, it’s oh so sweet, as you can see the joy leave Nye’s eyes immediately. I can’t stop playing this clip!

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(Source: YouTube)