HuffPost Writer Calls For Death Of Trump, Liberals Silent

The push to do everything possible to thwart President Trump’s time in office has officially reached critical mass. The country has become so divided that people are actually taking violent action against those on the other side. We saw that with the shooting in Virginia earlier this week, and those who’ve chosen to open their eyes can look around and see vestiges of that same idea everywhere.

Some of the objectors are more overt than others, as with the shooter who opened fire on some of the most powerful men in Washington, and others are just encouraging violence against those in power in general, and the President specifically. While it might get you investigated by the Secret Service if you make a phone call and threaten to do physical harm to the President, apparently you can make the same kind of threats on the foundation of political principles and get away with it.

One Huffington Post contributor decided to do just that when he took to Medium to express his opinions on what should be done with and about the President. I think you’ll find his opinions are just about everything that is wrong with the country today.

Via The Gateway Pundit:

Via Jason Fuller’s Medium post titled, ‘Impeachment is no Longer Enough; Donald Trump Must Face Justice’:

The subtitle reads:

“Impeachment and removal from office are only the first steps; for America to be redeemed, Donald Trump must be prosecuted for treason and — if convicted in a court of law — executed.”

I like how he used the President’s own phrase against him; very Freudian approach. While his impassioned plea would be moving if it had any merit, we can’t overlook the fact that he’s talking in vague terms about a law that is never really cited. He said they deserve death or life in prison. That’s a pretty tall accusation to be leveling against the President of the United States, and yet he has zero evidence to back it up. Yeah, and it’s our moral compass that’s broken.

Also, destruction seems a bit much. Maybe the destruction of Obama’s utopia of the welfare state. Perhaps the destruction of liberal intolerance and doing away the gag put on conservatives. If that’s what he’s referring to then I’d have to wholeheartedly agree and say it’s not a moment too soon.

Here are a few more fun tidbits of the less than well-reasoned rant put on by your friendly neighborhood Huffington Post liberal:

(GWP) Jason Fuller also claims that President Trump is assisting ISIS because of his proposed travel ban (the same countries that Barack Hussein Obama also temporarily banned). Fuller also admits that ‘while we may not yet have 100% incontrovertible proof of their collusion’ (Trump and Russia) he’s still certain that Trump should be brought up on treason charges. Makes sense.

In a follow-up blog post on Medium, Fuller was complaining about being trolled by Trump supporters for his blog post calling for the execution of President Trump. He even calls for Trump supporters in the general population to be stopped after claiming that there has been a resurgence of ‘Nazi-ism’:

“This is another reason among many why Trump, his co-conspirators, and his supporters in the general population must be stopped. If we fail, then the country is lost.”

Yeah, the country will be lost to the illegal immigrants who want to take it over and to the absurdly leftist media who’s been running ti for years. Maybe American is not so much about to be lost as they are finding their way again, and this joker just doesn’t like the direction it’s heading in.

That seems to be the real problem; you don’t like what’s happening so you’re calling for people to be killed and trying to hide behind the law. That seems like good old American justice for ya.

(Source: The Gateway Pundit