Horror: Tiger Attacks Zookeeper In Broad Daylight, But Quick Thinking Witnesses Save Her Just In Time

A Russian zookeeper being mauled by a tiger was saved by the combined efforts of the crowd. She was giving the animal its meal when it suddenly turned on her.

The beast leaped on top of her and began clawing and biting. She was unarmed; she had no way to protect herself. If she had been alone, she probably would have died.

A zoo spokesperson said in a statement “that bystanders were able to distract the animal by shouting, and by throwing stones and even benches and tables from a nearby café. This enabled the zookeeper to hide in an ‘”inner room.’”

The woman managed to escape without receiving a life-threatening injury. “The patient was delivered to the hospital with multiple wounds to the body and limbs,” said a local health spokesman.

Animal rights activists will be pleased to know that the tiger won’t be punished.

“No measures will be taken against him,” the zoo said. “Until today, he did not show aggression towards employees.”

Nobody can predict a tiger’s actions. The animal isn’t to blame because it had a violent reaction, it’s a tiger for crying out loud. The big cats are different creatures than their domestic relatives.

The zoo said that it was launching an investigation. However, it seems as though they already have the answers. The tiger didn’t want to see the zookeeper at the moment.

Zoos may soon turn into a thing of the past. Liberals hate them because they claim that pampering animals and housing them in artificial environments is cruel.

(Source: Fox News)